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Certified - OCT 2018 - OCT 2019

Great Place to Work®

Certified - DEC 2017 - DEC 2018

Lowest sustainable store-delivered costs and an uninterrupted supply of high-quality goods

On behalf of our shareholders, UPGC negotiates volume purchases of food, paper, packaging, beverages, services and supplies. Additionally, UPGC manages all aspects of distribution to the Canadian KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut restaurants.

Our Vision

To be a competitive, scalable and agile Restaurant Supply Chain with uncompromised food safety, customer centric innovation and inspired people that grows stakeholder value.

Our Mission is to:

· Maximize Profitability for Brands through Top & Bottom Line Growth
· Build Trust with all System Partners
· Assure/Optimize continuous supply of safe products
· Make innovation a core competence


Check out Our Values that our team members live by everyday and some employee testimonial videos.  They can be found in the Careers page.