100% recycled paper

By using 100% recycled paper for Pizza Hut boxes, 76,008 trees have been saved 137 truckloads of trash has been diverted from the landfill 190,020 tons of air pollutants have been prevented 22,169,000 US gallons of water has been saved

If we had to peel

If we had to peel all the potatoes sold in our KFC and Taco Bell restaurants as French fries, we would have to peel over 71’000’000 potatoes a year!

our recycling has saved

Since working with our contracted waste service provider, our recycling has saved: 96,792 Cu. Yd of Landfill space 132,282,646 Electricity Kilowatt hours 64,528 barrels of Oil 1,935,844 pounds of air pollution prevented 860,159,840 liters of water 548,488 trees


The UPGC purchases in excess of 30,000,000 kilograms of fresh chicken for KFC restaurants across Canada. 20,000,000 tortillas for Taco Bell restaurants across Canada. 4,000,000 kilograms of cheese for Pizza Hut restaurants across Canada.

Diesel fuel

Diesel fuel, used in most delivery vehicles, continues to be priced higher than regular gasoline fuel even though Diesel is a by-product of gasoline.

Over 25,000,000

Over 25,000,000 cases of product were shipped by UPGC Vendors to YUM branded restaurants last year.

UPGC consists

UPGC consists of over 100 shareholders representing more than 1100 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants across Canada.

Lowest sustainable store-delivered costs and an uninterrupted supply of high-quality goods

On behalf of our shareholders, UPGC negotiates volume purchases of food,
paper, packaging, beverages, services and supplies. Additionally, UPGC
manages the distribution relationship, negotiates distribution services
and monitors distributor performance.

Our goals are:

1. Ensure our customers obtain the lowest sustainable store-delivered
costs. Monitor and measure our market.
2. Provide access to an uninterrupted supply of high-quality goods.
3. Anticipate the future needs of our shareholders.
4. Constantly seek new cost-savings thereby reducing the price of goods
to shareholder restaurants.
5. Provide our shareholders with seamless supply chain of the total
system business, including promotional and new product initiatives.